Fifteen members of Soundscape arrived at Surrey Central City Mall at 11:00 am and prepared ourselves to perform. There were three performances and the first was outside with the whirl of fans and the rattle of generators competing with our sound system. Santa Claus arrived and we looked on, then mounted the risers. The performance was a good one, the audience small but delighted. We had brochures to hand out and they went to people who expressed and interest in joining or hiring us. As soon as the performance ended we moved quickly to an indoor location and did our 30 minute set again. More people wanted brochures. In the final set at 3:00 pm, the group was singing confidently, well warmed and feeling more in the groove. A fine peformance ensued, one which we shared with quite a large gathered audience. Again there was much interest in hiring us or singing with us. We're welcoming new members all year and the pace of growth is picking up! Wanna Sing?