Our Director - Engagement is Key!

As you can see Charlie is an engaged and commited director. He can be warm and fuzzy as well as intense and demanding of our abilities. This creates many magical singing moments!

Charlie Metzger has been passed the Soundscape director's baton by his daughter, Donya Metzger, the director for the previous six years. He began directing Soundscape in July of 2014 after retiring from 40 years of directing the Gentlemen of Fortune of the Greater Vancouver Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society. He has directed school choirs, church choirs, a university a cappella choir and is enjoying the challenge of working with Soundscape A Cappella Community Choir.

Charlie also sings baritone with the International Seniors Quartet Champion, Antique Gold. He is also serving as the President of the Evergreen District of the Barbershop Harmony Society for 2018-19. He loves to sing well, and it shows in all of his endevours!

Donya still supports the chorus with coaching at retreats and creates about 90% of the learning tracks for Soundscape.

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