Soundscape's Board is our main Planning and Organizing Group. It is an elected body that serves from 2-3 year terms. Some terms are overlapping so that there is never a large change over at any time.

This group dedicates many hours, behind the scenes, doing exactly that - planning and organizing -   BUT, they have a lot of fun too!  We appreciate them and the way they give of their time and talents. Thank you all!


We will use this one!

Sam has a ton of musical experise in piano and voice.

Sam is no stranger to a cappella. He as...


M.a.L. - Performance Logistics

Mary's always ready smile and willing hands are very appreciated by all of us at Soundscape.  She comes to us with many years of singing...




Bill is our Acting Chair. We won't be electing him officially because we don't want him to move out of this position!