It has been a great pleasure to get to know Patreen Stasyk this year! We are grateful for all she brings -including a rich choral experience, silky alto tones, and a stunning smile. Here she is, in her words:
I sang with the White Sails Chorus (Sweet Adelines) for a few years before we moved to Langley in 2002. Through SA's I heard about Joey Minshall and  originally joined Soundscape in 2003 when she was directing. I sang with Soundscape until mid-2008 season, when my work schedule became too demanding. After leaving my job in Aug of 2014, I took a year off of EVERYTHING (which gave my excellent friend Dianne Harding time to encourage me to first join a quartet - Double Treble - and return to Soundscape). It's been such a pleasure to be back to singing, back to Soundscape. And I love (with a capital LOVE) singing by the basses. 
Welcome (back) Patreen!