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Bruce is all about that bass

Welcome Bruce Yu! It's been a joy getting to know you, and to hear you and the other basses deliver such a deep, rich sound!

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Seline Sings Soprano!

We are thrilled to welcome yet another soprano to the group! Seline Kutan brings passion, experience, and joy to Soundscape.

Here she is - in her own words:

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Welcome Ian Yorkston!

When he isn't "surfing" (the net), Ian is diligently and joyfully learning several new songs as a brand new Soundscaper. Ian didn't provide any text for this blurb, so let it be noted that his wife has complete licence to type "anything" she likes. ;-) What she(I) can say, is that I'm finding it quite handy to share this hobby with the dear man - and it's useful practicing together at home.



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Catherine Discovers Soundscape

The lovely Catherine Meleady discovered Soundscape in April 2015 when she attended the Surrey Sings event. She was very surprised to see her colleague, Brenda Folvik, singing up on the stage. Brenda was having so much fun that Catherine decided to try us out too, and we have been making beautiful music with her ever since!

Now for a few words from Catherine herself:

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Makayla Joins Mom!

Makayla Boisvert joined Soundscape this year after watching her mom, Renee, enjoy the experience!
Makayla enriches our sound with her lovely, light angelic soprano tones, and we are delighted to sing with her!

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New Tenor on the Block!

Soundscape is delighted to welcome Steve Stanage, the newest tenor on the block! Steve comes to us from Bellingham, Washington - and he is no stranger to singing.
Here he is, in his own words:

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The Unique Dominique

Dominique is another returning member this year, and it is so lovely to have her back! The altos managed to fight it out with the sopranos, and as a result they are benefitting from Dominique's beautiful voice and friendly camaraderie. On top of that, she has happily joined in with a shiny new quartet, Double Treble. Dominique clearly shares something very important in common with other Soundscapers - she loves to sing. And we love singing with you Dominique!

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Hello Patreen!

It has been a great pleasure to get to know Patreen Stasyk this year! We are grateful for all she brings -including a rich choral experience, silky alto tones, and a stunning smile. Here she is, in her words:
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Introducing Brad and Judy Craig!

This year Soundscape welcomed returning members Brad and Judy Craig with open arms! We'd like to introduce you to this lovely couple - so here they are, in their own words:

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Welcome Jeff!

A hearty welcome to Jeff Magel! Jeff is the latest recruit to the booming bass section. Here's a brief intro to Jeff in his own words:

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